Kickstarting the next generation of crowdfunding reserach

With more than 20,000 projects and a variety of pre-coded variables, the CRWDFNDR database fuels the future of crowdfunding and entrepreneurship studies.

Why use it?

Pre-coded dataset

Easily accessible, convenient data with more than 50 variables

Complete stories/rewards

For those looking for even more data


Stay in line with academic focus

Unique and up to date

Containing over 12 years of data

The database in numbers

$ 0 +
Million worth raised
Pre-coded Variables
Years of content

About this project

For my Master’s thesis in Business Development and Entrepreneurship at the Utrecht University, I have performed an elaborate web scrape of technology-based projects. Having used them myself, I recognized the sheer importance of making the data open source. Taking away the collection burden of web scraping, I hope, will spur amazing studies into online entrepreneurship.

- Merijn van Arenthals